Austin Art for Wellness offers creativity workshops in Austin, Texas called Art Playshops for Adults.  Every adult, regardless of experience, can participate and benefit from our playshops.  Art Playshops offer a process oriented approach to painting for the purpose of accessing greater wellness through the intuitive playfulness of creativity!  

Painting from the perspective of process uses intuition and spontaneity to reference the whole being beyond mental judgements and assumptions restoring harmony and inner freedom to the psyche.  This process oriented approach to painting nurtures and supports your whole being, allowing you to access inner clarity and permission to be and to express your true self with more confidence and inner freedom.

The Art Playshops we offer integrate other harmonizing practices such as guided meditation, visualization, and intention to support the painting process toward depth and awareness.

Playshops are held in an atmosphere of support and respect for individual expression and process, therefore, we ask that there be no critiques, comments or criticism about the artwork created during the playshop.  Playshops provide a safe space for exploring creativity to support overall wellness.

This is not about being an artist, it’s about being yourself with more freedom and ease!

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