Austin Art for Wellness was created in Austin, TX by Terri McGee.  Terri has been a student of creativity her entire adult life while teaching herself to paint.  Since 2003, Terri has used artistic process as a way of exploring spiritual wisdom and insight.   

     Through her creative journey, Terri found the process of painting to be an opportunity to discover depths of Being beyond behavior patterns of the mind, restoring holistic connectivity from within.  She is fascinated by the intuitive and transformational benefits of creativity, and has experienced more harmony to her psyche through ongoing creativity practices.  In 2010, the realization of the profound inner support for overall wellness that painting can provide inspired a new vision for Terri’s creative endeavors.  This vision was to design and facilitate integrative process painting workshops to help others access the nurturing benefits of the creative process.

     In 2012 Terri began extensive training in conscious transformation workshops as well as intuitive painting workshops.  She studied her mentors in both areas.  For intuitive painting she trained with Michelle Cassou, the author of  “Life, Paint and Passion” and “Point Zero, Creativity Without Limits”.  In the area of inner development and transformation she studied conscious evolutionary teachers like, Jean Houston, Craig Hamilton, Claire Zammit, and Katherine Woodward Thomas. These creative facilitators and activators of human potential became Terri’s models throughout her journey of designing integrative process painting playshops.  In 2013 she launched Art Playshops for Adults which includes the “Chakra Painting” series, “Soul Painting”, “Left/Right Brain Creativity”, and many others she facilitates.

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