Art Playshops for Adults:

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Playshops are held in an atmosphere of support and respect for individual expression and process, therefore, we ask that there be no critiques, comments or criticism about the artwork created during the playshop.  Playshops provide a safe space for exploring creativity to support overall wellness.


Creative Chakra Journey Playshop

Chakras are vortex points in our energetic body where energy is distributed to the body and from which it disperses back to the open energy field.  

"Creative Chakra Journey Playshop" takes you on a powerful inner journey through the 7 main chakra centers using a powerful guided intuitive mandala painting meditation practice.  This is a three hour playshop which activates your authentic creative essence to stimulate all seven major chakra centers.  

No experience is necessary.  All supplies are provided.

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Chakra Painting Playshop 

Chakras are vortex points in our energetic body where energy is distributed to the body and from which it disperses back to the open energy field.  

"Chakra Painting Playshops" are 2 1/2 to 3 hour painting playshops combining intuitive process painting, guided meditation, aromatherapy and other integrative practices to energize and harmonize the chakras.  

We offer chakra painting playshops for each of the 7 main chakras throughout the year.  We focus on one chakra per playshop.  Bring the light of creativity and inspiration to your chakras!  

No experience is necessary.  All supplies are provided.



2-Day Intensive Intuitive Painting Playshops:

Soul Painting / Creative Meditation Painting Playshop

 Soul Painting is a two day journey in the creative meditation of conscious intuitive painting.   Conscious intuitive painting is a process oriented exploration in creativity itself.  Painting for process, without the pressure to produce, gives us access to more inner freedom, creativity, passion, presence, depth and authentic self expression!   


You will be guided in painting sessions modeled after Michele Cassou’s "Point Zero Painting Method”, which supports breaking through inner barriers into more creative freedom and touching the you YOU REALLY ARE!  Just as an ocean is not it’s content, your expansive conscious creative Self is not your mind’s content!  This powerful painting practice will give you a creative tool to help free you from attachment and identification with mental content, liberating your creative consciousness to expandend awareness.  Experience the fullness of the alive energy of your authentic creative flow!

To facilitate a safe space to explore creativity freely, we ask that there be no critiques or comments about paintings during playshop.  

No experience is necessary and all supplies are provided.  

studio-session int-Paint

Studio Session - Intuitive Painting

Studio Sessions are for those who have attended one or more of the 2-day Intensive Intuitive Painting playshops and would like to deepen their “point zero” painting practice.  Studio Sessions for Intuitive Painting will be facilitated the second Sunday of each month (with a few exceptions). Intuitive painting sessions will provide Point Zero facilitation with the added support of painting and sharing insights within a criticism free group environment.  

No experience is necessary.  All supplies are provided.

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Angel Painting Playshop

Angel Painting is a two and a half hour painting playshop dedicated to nourishing our connection to the support which Life provides us through creative play.  We will use a process of intuitive angel painting, guided meditation and aromatherapy to access and strengthen our relationship with our intuitive guidance and inner support system.  These integrative practices will enhance inner awareness and depth during the painting process, as we celebrate all the diverse ways we understand our sacred unity with the intelligence of Life, Creativity and the Universe itself!  

No experience is necessary.  All supplies are provided.


Mandala Drawing Playshop

Mandala Drawing Playshop

This is a two hour drawing playshop dedicated to celebrating life with conscious creativity and intuitive presence.  We will use Prisma color pencils to draw creativity mandalas, as guided by our authentic creative impulses.  This practice supports us in harmonizing with the greater flow of the Energy of Life through creative spaciousness, intuition and insight. 

No experience is necessary.  All supplies are provided.


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 Left/Right Brain Creativity Integration Playshop

Left/Right Brain Creativity Integration playshop supports awareness of left and right brain behavior during the creative process.  We will explore the different inner places from which to engage creativity.  There will be a guided drawing practice to increase harmonious connection with the creative moment.  This is a wonderful introduction to an intuitive approach to artistic process as a practice for wellness.  This is also a great opportunity to pull everything together after you have attended one or more of the painting playshops.  

No experience necessary. All supplies are provided.                                    

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